You can place your trust in us

Each year, our partner B2B Mobile Auction, undergoes stringent R2, ISO and OHSAS certification by an independent auditor and can be verified on the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) website. Our certifications are available to review upon request.

Fully secure electronics recycling

Whether you need shredding, overwriting or degaussing, TechSafe’s full data destruction services can quickly and easily take care of the job.

Trust and compliance are the cornerstones of our business. TechSafe’s data destruction processes conform with regulations such as HIPAA, NSA, NIST, NAID, and R2 security guidelines. Because your company’s reputation – and legal liability — is on the line, our trained staff can document all data destruction services and recycling for your records.

We also have policies in place to manage the chain of custody. This means that we know at all times where your electronics are, what stage of the recycling process they are in and who is handling the items. Just like our data destruction records, our chain of custody is fully documented and available upon request.

Additionally, TechSafe Recyclers is committed to ensuring that your retired IT assets will not:

  • Be sent to developing nations for use or disposal
  • Be disposed of in landfills
  • Put our recycling workers’ health and safety at risk

Need to e-Recycle?

Let us come to you

TechSafe Recycling takes all the hassle and guesswork out of your e-recycling. We can come to you – or you can schedule a drop off at our facility. We can also handle logistics if you have out-of-area e-recycling that you need. With TechSafe, you get:

Lockable hard drive bins

One-stop removal – just point and we’ll remove whatever you need e-recycled

Transportation from your location

TechSafe and Our Planet

Dedicated to the environment

As experienced e-recyclers, we see the benefits of responsible recycling every day – in the communities we serve, in our customers’ businesses and the world we live in.

And we practice what we preach. We purchase recycled and energy-efficient materials for use in our facilities. We encourage using public transportation. Recycling is at the core of our entire business model, and it happens in every part of our process, from the warehouse to the employee lunch room. But it goes beyond that. We align ourselves with downstream vendors who share this approach, so there is a consistent commitment to recycling that occurs throughout the entire chain of custody.

Our owners and employees are active members of our community and volunteer their time in different capacities, supporting educational and charitable initiatives.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental, Health and Safety policy outlines the commitment we have to the responsible recycling of e-waste and focus materials including controlling the Environmental, Health and Safety impacts and hazards associated with our business operations.

1. Complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements defined by federal, state and local laws, as well as other applicable requirements and guidelines.

2. Establishing a framework of objectives and targets to continually monitor, review and improve our Environmental, Health and Safety Management System.

3. Employing sustainable practices to prevent pollution.

4. Ensuring that information, instruction and training is provided to all personnel to ensure those involved are aware of this policy and can fulfill their responsibilities safely.

5. Establishing performance standards and implementing risk assessments, inspections and monitoring programs to eliminate or reduce risk and hazards based on the “Hierarchy of Controls” model.

6. Managing all waste streams following the reuse hierarchy onsite, as well as in the selection and management of downstream vendors throughout the recycling chain.

7. Ensuring downstream vendors are removing all Focus Materials, toner and toner cartridges prior to shredding, materials recovery, energy recovery, incineration or land disposal.

8. Adhering to a “no landfill” policy for Focus Materials.

9. Servicing customers by ensuring data security and responsible downstream management of focus materials through to final disposition.

10. Prohibiting export of Focus Materials to countries that cannot legally accept them.

We recognize that the responsibilities for environment and health and safety are shared, requiring cooperation, not only between employees and their supervisors, but also among contractors, suppliers, downstream vendors, visitors, neighboring businesses and our community. This policy is available upon request to the public and interested parties.